Web It Live

Streaming School & Community Events LIVE.

Provides an opportunity for the families near & far to view sporting/community events LIVE, as they happen.

About Us

About Us About Us
Watch any streamed event LIVE on any device.


Provides a community service by making local events available to those interested world wide.

Provides revenue back to the schools and trains individuals that are interested in the field of Broadcasting.


Helps support local schools

Keeps family members who might not be able to attend due to work, school or distance involved with their loved ones broadcasted events.

Advertisers get great name recognition in the community for helping keep broadcasts streaming LIVE to those that cannot attend .

Ads can be viewed by all who watch the broadcasts, and in most cases, the advertisers will be specifically recognized for their contributions.


Click on your school/community link below to view live streaming events

Web It Live

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  • This Ad is $50/per Year
  • Pro-rating is not available for this Ad

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Training Videos

Training Videos
                            PRODUCTION TRUCK BASICS                                                    PRODUCTION TRUCK ADVANCED FEATURES

Tutorial and Self Help Resources                                                              Custom Transition
        Basics Introduction                                                                               Instant Replay
              Setting Up Your Camera                                                                  Trimming, Exporting Clips
      Setting Up Your Audio Device                                                                 Social Media Sharing
  Inserting Overlays/Graphics                                                                        Playlist Builder
      Creating a Broadcast (through BlueFrame)                                         Sportzcast Scorebot Integration
Streaming a Broadcast (Test to Live)                                                           NDI Integration
                                                                                                                            Sling Studio

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